If you have already learned some JavaScript or Perl, you already have a good run at learning PHP.

The letters PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page. It was used as a tracking system for a webpage. This language has grown into a great and powerful tool. The letters PHP now actually mean PHP:Hypertext Processor. (Doesn't sound very original does it?) It means "something to handle data before it becomes HTML".

There is an official PHP website located here : It is loaded with everything php has to offer.

PHP is a server side language. It processes information at the server level like Perl and SSI coding. It is faster, easier, and better to use than any of the alternatives.

It will be assumed that you are working with a host plan that offers you PHP4 or you have been able to download and install a PHP module on your own system already. It is also assumed you have a good knowledge of HTML coding.

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