Having CSS commands on a separate page is best suited for a multiple page site owner. These pages are called "linked" or external CSS. Multiple pages are able to utilize the same commands in a single area. For time, it saves from typing in all the commands on each individual page. For space, it takes less space since more than one page is using the same page reference. For editing, one change on the master CSS page will affect all pages connected to it, instantly.

CSS pages have a file extension of .css which is allowed on most, if not all, main homepage servers. Create and save the document in text-only format then give the document the .css extension.

An external page is usually used for a "general" style layout. Setting the background color or image, setting the text colors, etc..

To link to the external style sheet, a LINK must be placed in the HEAD area of the page code. That is anywhere after the <HEAD> tag and before the </HEAD> tag.

  • LINK: There is a separate page of command tags linked to use on this page.
  • REL: The linked page is a STYLESHEET.
  • TYPE: The linked page is text format containing CSS commands.
  • HREF: The filename (and location or sub-directories if necessary) of the linked page.

External CSS pages do not use any foundation tags. Just the actual CSS commands are listed.

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