Div & Span

Div & Span


Before diving into CSS, it's a good idea to know about DIV and SPAN. They are very useful in applying the styles of CSS.

DIV works the same way as the <p> tag. Although the Paragraph tag is not on the deprecated list, DIV has come along to help. DIV stands for DIVision or "area". It is usually used for one or more sections of code.

SPAN is similar to the <FONT> tag. The FONT tag and its properties of SIZE and COLOR are on the deprecated list by the W3C. Although SPAN can affect a large area of code, it is mainly used for a small area, like a few words of text, or single instances.

On their own, the DIV and SPAN tags don't do much. Their use and power becomes apparent when they are coupled with the different style commands of CSS.

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