If you look at your mouse cursor, most of the time it will be an arrow pointing to the left/top. Using css coding, you can change the cursor to a different style.

As like any other css coding, this may be used with almost any normal html tag. The values you can use for cursor are:

  • default
  • pointer
  • auto
  • text
  • help
  • crosshair
  • move
  • wait
  • n-resize
  • ne-resize
  • e-resize
  • se-resize
  • s-resize
  • sw-resize
  • w-resize
  • nw-resize

Different browsers and versions may display the cursor results a bit differently. Some browsers will support the use of an ANI file to display an image or animated cursor. Hover your mouse over this paragraph. If you see a fishbowl, then your browser supports ANI file cursors.

To create an ANI type file, you will need an animation or icon program. You can download Jasc Animation Shop (trial version) or you can download IconArt. Both are very good programs. If you are comfortable using Paint or some other image program, then use that first to create your image and import it into an animation/icon program afterwards to convert the file type.

Once you have an ANI file created, upload it to your hosted space (assuming they support that file type) and you can then use it using css.

Or you can put it directly into a tag or use it as a class or id. Same rules as any other css being applied to any other html tag.

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