Cascading is like a waterfall. You start at the top. As you go down, there are different levels.

There are 3 "levels" of CSS commands:

  1. On the same page within an HTML tag as a property.
  2. On the same page in the <HEAD> ... </HEAD> area.
  3. On a separate page.

Choosing the one or combination of all, is your choice. Everybody has an opion on how they want to set up their page or site. HTMlite uses a combination of all three levels.

The CASCADING part of CSS determines the importance of a command tag. If you have a tag for the same property on all 3 levels, but each one has a different value assigned to it, the CSS will take and use the most important out of them. Level 1 will over-ride Level 2 which will over-ride Level 3.

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