Deny via IP

Deny via IP


This will allow you to cancel visitor access from a specific IP. An IP is a special code number that is assigned to each web surfer when they log onto the internet. For example, YOUR current IP address is:

Now when you are looking at putting a block to that in the htaccess, the coding would be:

The first line tells the htaccess what you want to specify.

The second line would cancel a single, specific IP. This could be close to useless though considering dialup customers usually get a different IP every time they log on. Direct connection users may have one or two different IPs depending on their account. You could take the banning one step further to include a full "block" of IPs, but this would cancel the abilities of anyone else in the same area from accessing your section. To do this though, just leave off the last digits (keep the last period on).

The third line allows access to everyone else.

The access/ban can also use a domain name in place of the IP numbers. If was an Internet Provider, you would be able to allow (or deny) access by doing something like this:

If a banned visitor tries to access the specified location (where the htaccess file is located) they will be seeing the 403 Forbidden Access Error Page.

If you want to deny everyone from accessing a directory (but still allow scripts and files to be used), then you can enter the deny from all code line. This could be useful to put into an image directory so someone cannot access that specific directory listing directly.

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