What is the .htaccess file? Specifically, it a simple ASCII text file.

How do you create an .htaccess file? You can use a regular text editor such as Notepad or Simpletext.

Where is the .htaccess file stored/saved? It is stored in your main site directory and/or in any subdirectory.

What does the .htaccess file do? That is what the following pages will cover. There are some main uses such as personalized error pages, password protection and redirects. It does all that and more.

Do all hosts support/allow this file? VERY IMPORTANT : check with your host if they allow this file to be used by you AND if they pose any restrictions on its use. This is also important to know before reading all of the following pages. It'd be a waste of time doing all that learning for nothing. This file is works on an Unix/Apache based host, not Windows/NT.

Any other thoughts before heading into htaccess learning? Keep a backup of the original file in case of problems.

Individual commands in the htaccess file are meant to be on one line only. Be sure that text editor has word wrap turned off.

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