How do you ... protect images from being taken?
This is probably the most asked question on the Internet. To start off, the straight truth is there is no 100% way to protect your images short of not displaying them on the Internet to begin with. There are many ways to prevent a novice visitor, but no matter what you try, there will ALWAYS be a way to get any image. That said, here are a couple of attempts you may try in no particular order :D

1. The famous javascript no-right-click.
Instead of explaining through it, this site has the script and a lot more info...

2. Using CSS to position a transparent gif overtop of the image.
<img src="myimage.gif" width="100" height="50">
<img src="transparent.gif" width="100" height="50" style="position:relative; left:-102px; top:0px;">

3. Use the image as a background of a table and fill the cell with a transparent gif.
Similar to the #2 solution but without the CSS capabilities.
<table width="100" height="50">
<td background="myimage.gif">
<img src="transparent.gif" width="100" height="50">

4. Use javascript to swap out the current image src value with that of a bad image during the right click event.
I don't have the correct code to display here, but you may find a good coding forum to ask in. It is something like... OnContextMenu (or something) then a regular javascript function to swap the image src values around like an image rollover.

5. Use a watermark.
That is, put a mark the actual image with an image software. A word, a small graphic logo, anything that would deter a thief but still look nice visually for the common visitor.

And so forth, and so on... You can go through script searches galore and find many good attempts to save your images, but in the end, it is still useless. VIEW SOURCE will let the visitor see your coding and the exact location URL of the image. Using an image software to do a SCREEN CAPTURE will literally take a picture of the current window and it's a simple crop to gain the image for themselves. FILE SAVE AS will save the page and all its contents to the local computer. CACHE will temporarily save page contents for later viewing. And so forth, and so on...

On your site, just make a clear note that everything is created by you (or specify another person) and it is copyright. Please contact the webmaster for permission to use anything on a different site.
Yeah, I know that really won't stop the theives at all, but it may get some of the good guys to email and ask first.
How do you ... protect images from being taken?

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